Following her own experience as a burns patient after an attack in March 2008, Katie Piper founded the Katie Piper Foundation during her rehabilitation journey.

Katie works closely with her charity’s staff and volunteers who dedicate their time to supporting survivors of burns and those with scars from traumatic incidents. The Katie Piper Foundation is committed to delivering rehabilitation ranging from mental health and wellbeing support, specialist physiotherapy, scar management, hair transplant surgery to medical tattooing.

The outcome of such compassionate care means survivors can enter back into the community, with improved health, returning to employment where possible, and equipped to challenge perceptions on diversity within society.

The Katie Piper Foundation provides a brighter future for survivors and undoubtedly becomes a positive force in their lives.

Bedeck are pleased to support The Katie Piper Foundation and the individualised support provided with passion and care, to all survivors.

*1.75% of the retail selling price net of VAT of all Katie Piper branded product sold through the website will be donated to The Katie Piper Foundation, registered charity number: 1133313.

Contact The Katie Piper Foundation with any questions about the Bedeck partnership here: