Hi there, Katie Piper here!

I am absolutely thrilled to be launching my debut bedding and interiors collection with Bedeck. I have been working closely with the talented Bedeck design team to bring you a beautifully detailed collection for AW21.

The opportunity to collaborate with Bedeck, one of the world’s leading bed and bath suppliers is a dream come true. They truly brought my vision to life after many meetings, over many months, discussing themes, materials, fabric swatches and colour-ways. The result is a stunning, affordable, bedding collection and I am honoured to be the first partnership and collaboration for Bedeck.

For a long time now, my bedroom has been a sanctuary to me. It’s so important to have a peaceful, lovely space to retreat to and of course sleep in. As we all know, a positive mindset, and positive start to a day, is kickstarted by great sleep. I have always loved treating myself to new bedding, and accessories, to really enjoy my bedroom and that’s exactly the joy I hope my collection will bring. We all know the sheer delight of new, fresh bedsheets after a long day - there’s nothing better! Truly!

The colour palette was the starting point, and we looked at the psychology of colour and how each emotive tone can have such an effect on your mindset.

In light of this, I decided on 4 key colour stories for my collection:

The patterns and design used throughout are feminine and not too busy. It’s just the right balance to introduce a fresh and inspiring feel to the bedroom. Connected to my love of nature we’ve included beautiful florals and leafy patterns alongside an alternative of stunning, simplistic woven bedding for those just after soothing textures which really add to that element of calm.

An extra uplifting detail to my collection is the lovely typography affirmation wording on the pillowcases – a final dose of positivity to end or start the day.

The lovely accompanying accessories that can layer in to enhance the collection, or stand-alone of course, are very dear to me.

Comforting pieces include warm chunky throws which allow you to wrap up and get lost in relaxation and fun pom pom and fluffy cushions to really surround you with a safe cosy feel – I love them all!

There is one more special edition which is a weighted blanket proven to reduce anxiety and stress which really is the cherry on top. It’s something extra which will really improve the sleep experience, in a safe and stylish way.

I am so excited to launch my first bedding collection with Bedeck – it’s an absolute dream come true for me and I can’t wait for it to transform bedrooms across the UK and beyond.

Thank you so much and I guess I should say … sleep well!