Arts & Crafts

The Arts & Crafts Movement was started by founding fathers William Morris & John Ruskin, advocating the revival of traditional handicrafts and placing value on how things were made. It was with this flourishing change towards the craft movement, that many other artists found their voice.

Our collaboration for A/W 18, seen us delve into the works of Lindsay Phillip Butterfield & Joseph Percy Bilbe to extract some beautiful pieces for adaptation.


An elegant print of stylised flowers, inspired by textile designer Lindsay Phillip Butterfield (1869-1948) is a juxtaposition of floral’s meeting sinuous, elongated lines reflecting the influence of Art Nouveau.

Coloured in a palette of turquoise blue & green tones- a statement design with presence and grandeur.

Shop V&A Alyssum


This dramatic piece again by Lindsay Phillip Butterfield, has a distinct nostalgic charm. Typical of an Art’s & Crafts design with naively drawn floral motifs reminiscent of those found in a natural history manual is made even more charming by the intricate butterfly print on the reverse. Team with the matching curtains for full arts & crafts quintessence.

Shop V&A Campion


Ahead of its time in the early 1920’s, this stylish floral design was created by textile designer Joseph Percy Bilbie. A trendsetting design of its time, noting the beginning of a shift towards more abstract floral’s which came into prominence in the latter half of the 20th century.

A presentation of roses and bluebells coordinated with a simple stripe reverse.

Shop V&A Twilight Garden