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Here at Bedeck we work with a network of trusted suppliers across the globe. Upon meeting with one of our suppliers recently we learnt how leftover textiles from our orders are used and felt compelled to bring the story to our customers.

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A supply team we have worked with for many years, based in India talked us through how for quality reasons production of textiles can usually over run by between 5 to 7% and it is with this overrun, rather than Bedeck request it be shipped back to Ireland, our supplier donates on to help with a very worthy cause.

Donated to a Non Profit Organisation, who work with groups of woman from underprivileged backgrounds to teach them skills of embroidery and stitching. The extra fabric, thread and accessories, allows them to craft small bags, earrings, key chains to needle-worked crafts, all hand-made within the held workshops. Our supplier detailed how the workshops in turn give the Indian woman a sense of independence and purpose.

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Items are then sold off to raise funds to keep the Non Profit Organisation going. A very recent project for the group of woman saw the production of reusable fabric bags; sold onto small grocers to discourage the use of plastic alternatives. We are one of many customers of this supplier in India but we are thankful to be a part of this great cause and we will continue our support.

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