Helena Springfield has been part of our house brand portfolio since 2012. This coveted brand has classically been synonymous with timeless elegant designs in understated floral patterns and soft colour palettes.

Spring/Summer 17 has just seen the launch of Helena rebranded with a new invigorated brand identity.

With validity of design always imperative to our design ethos, the design direction Helena has taken sees the passion of our designers brought to the fore. With the 2015 Bedeck 1951 company rebrand, a trip down memory lane waved throughout our design department, as our designers delved into a retrospective look at ‘DESIGN THROUGH THE DECADES’. Given we have a 65 year history to draw from, the Bedeck design archive threw up many a gem, but the pinnacle moment came when our designers turned their attention to fashion textiles in particular. This exploration established the vision for the Helena Springfield 2017 direction.


With mid century fashion, fashion icons, makeup, interiors, culture and lifestyle of the 1940’s, 50 & 60’s a key focus, our Head of Design Julie Hall commissioned research into the era and immersed herself in finding the right vintage pieces to use as a starting point. The ethos was clear from the start; to develop a collection, true to the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s whilst being playful and fun, injected with loads of personality.

Trips to vintage markets; Alfies, Portobello & Spitalfield to seek out interesting finds,(something Julie mused about doing back in her youth whilst working at a design studio in Kensington) museum trips, research into colour palettes to ensure we replicated the authentic faded chalky tones of vintage textiles, the sourcing of flat printed pieces and most insightfully studying the works of Lucienne Day, Robert Stewart & Joyce Badrock key textile designers of the era.

Whilst interiors of the era shouted loud with large patterns, fashion took a more understated stance, with mid scale patterns. This would be the key foundation of the new Helena collection. The look is all about printed pattern layered with textured accessories, resulting in unexpected pattern mixes with mid level colouration inspired by faded vintage.

Helena has been a labour of love for our designers. Breathing life and soul back into classic floral, stripe and geo designs has been a real journey through the decades. Something trend wise we feel arrives at the right time with ‘retro’ very of the moment... think cars, fashion, home textiles to hairstyles all nodding back to a mid century influence. Helena Springfield has a fresh authentic design feel. Historical fashion textiles and textures refreshed with a modern approach, with heaps of personality and fun.