Julie Hall, Head of Design at Bedeck gives us her top
5 tips for styling your home.

1. Keep your eyes and your mind open.

We all have our favourite brands, but sometimes it can be fun to try
something new. For example, the Helena Springfield new ‘Vintage’ looks
of colourful retro inspired prints that launched in 2016 has a really wide
appeal. Or the Murmur range of bedding and homeware. These quiet,
subtle prints and colours are designed to be layered, bringing individuality
to every space.

2. Keep it simple, always.

In some rooms I like to keep walls and floors in a light neutral colour and run
the same colours throughout the interior to create the illusion of space.
This calm background is the perfect backdrop for carefully considered
bedding and cushions, plus paintings, artisan rugs and ceramics that mean
a lot to me.

3. If it’s not any use, throw it away.

We all keep things we don’t use. Decluttering has an instant and positive
effect on our interiors. Having fewer things helps us feel happier. It’s this
kind of mindset that keeps us all in the moment.

4. Travel, travel, travel.

Creativity needs fed. I am designer, and I find inspiration all around.
That’s why I like travelling to different cities as I feel each place has its own
particular light, colour, architecture and sense of style.

5. Enjoy yourself.

Design is all about enjoyment. I’ve been Head of Design at Bedeck for over
20 years. No two days are ever the same for me and that variety is important.
We all live so closely now with Pinterest and Instagram making it easy to share
styles and ideas. Technology has made it easier to be creative. So,
search, share and create your own style.