Autumn / Winter 18 saw the re-launch of our successful brand Bedeck 1951 to Bedeck of Belfast. With an extensive sixty seven year history, we started business back in 1951 as a linen handkerchief manufacturer and it’s with this knowledge & heritage we delve into the history and craftsmanship of Belfast’s long linen legacy, bringing you a collection of bed, bath and window solutions re-imagined for the here and now.

Looking Back

The Victorian era was renowned for exploration and industry; the discovery of new diverse cultures, goods and traditions, supported by the booming advances of manufacturing which brought vigour and colour to Britain. Belfast, in particular, experienced a golden age under Queen Victoria and in 1888 it was granted city status, cementing itself as one of the world’s leading industrial cities. Renowned for its linen – often called Linenopolis - it became the linen capital of the world.

The Collection

It is with this knowledge we’ve set about celebrating Belfast’s linen history and trading routes through our collections. Our logo; the symbolic seahorse, which has been included within Belfast’s coat of arms since 1613 when Belfast was granted town status by King James. Like an island, Ireland is surrounded by the sea and its waves of opportunity and it is with this outward perspective A/W 18’s inaugural collection is inspired by India and ‘Namaste’ the respectful Hindu greeting. This homage is a balanced combination of earthy colours, intricate craftsmanship and traditional printing techniques, reinterpreted for the contemporary home.


Bringing authenticity to everything we do sent us on a search for the right photography location here in the North of Ireland. Discovering a location close to the shores of Strangford Lough, presented the perfect space. A Victorian Italianate Palazzo style property; full of history has been owned by the Mulholland Family for over 150 years. The current owner Lord Dunleath explained how the house bought by his great, great, great grandfather Andrew Mulholland who owned York Street Flax Spinning Company in Belfast and who played an integral role in Belfast’s booming linen trade with his York Street Company known as the largest linen mill in the world. Andrew Mulholland later became the Lord Mayor of Belfast & who donated the Mulholland Grand Organ to the city’s Ulster Hall which is still in use today.


Bedeck of Belfast conjures an atmosphere that invites relaxation. Our products therefore stretch from the bed surface to the cushions, throws and curtains that decorate and complement, to the fragrance of the room as a whole. This is a collection that builds a space and fills it with a personality of your choosing.