Founder’s Note

To Do More With Less

The idea for Himeya came to me at a time of questioning my own choices. I was looking for ways to engage with the world that spoke directly to my purpose in it.

Through this introspection, I realized that unity with our environment helps us experience life more fully, and was compelled to create something that provides for a universe of better rest and care, with nurture and nature at its core. More importantly, to explore conscious manufacturing alternatives that are kinder to Earth. Himeya is more than a bedding and bath brand — it is a lifestyle that reminds us to remain grounded, to cherish and respect each other, and our planet. The soul and spirit of Himeya is about living with less, to find more; to discover balance in our everyday.

Making different choices takes confidence; yet what gives an idea language and dimension is resonance. With uncompromising passion, I share Himeya’s and my story with a sincere desire for its purpose to become greater than my own.

Himeya Philosophy

Rest Better. At Himeya, we believe that rest is powerful. It restores, nurtures and transforms. To be well rested is to be blessed with agility of mind and body, a singular quality that helps us Be Better. Our consciously crafted products are the purest expression of these ideas and a call to Live Better.


Himeya is an offering of the Himatsingka Group, a textile leader with a presence across Asia, Europe and North America. Vertically integrated across manufacturing, retailing and distribution, our portfolio carries some of the most prestigious wholesale and retail brands across geographies.

The Himatsingka Group is family owned since 1985. From pioneering global cotton mapping capabilities to our state-of-the-art mills in India, we embrace sustainable technology through ethical sourcing and conscious manufacturing.

Himeya is founded by Akanksha Himatsingka, whose experience in home textiles spans around 10 years, creating glorious fabrics in soft furnishings and prior to, indulging in storytelling while working for a LA based studio in Mumbai that developed films for global audiences.


Purity down to a science. Our revolutionary Track & Trace technology ensures that the authenticity of our cotton is monitored and tested at every stage, assuring only the highest quality fibres reach our mills. Our integrated cotton DNA authentication platform incorporates a physical molecular tracer combined with fibre typing.

Together these technologies preserve the integrity of the cotton fibre at its precise point of origin – tracking the date, time, place as well as the social and environmental practices used to produce the cotton.

Before our cotton leaves the gin, it is tagged with an invisible molecular marker that allows us to track every fibre with a signature that cannot be removed, withstanding even washes and bleaching. Monitored through all stages of spinning, weaving and sewing, the Himatsingka mark is an assurance of purity and quality: natural, durable, secure and incredibly unique.

Conscious Manufacturing

Knowing how our bedding is made, lends new meaning to the definition of a wellmade bed – a revelation Himeya is delighted to share with you.

Conscious manufacturing is a mindset, above all. Over the last three decades, the Himatsingka Group has been focused on cementing a vertically integrated model from fibre to shelf. Leveraging automation, a responsible shop floor culture and virtual platforms has had a transformational impact on productivity.

Most rewarding has been our investment in sustainable technology: Ethical sourcing is accomplished through Track & Trace capabilities across the cotton value chain. Our fabric washing takes place with natural enzymes and the finishes on Himeya’s bedding are Bio-based.

From spinning to weaving, dyeing, processing and finishing, our Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) ETP plant ensures zero discharge and resource waste minimization. Our pathbreaking spinning unit in Hassan, Karnataka, is the world’s largest spinning plant under one roof, with an installed capacity of over 2,11,584 spindles.

We have commenced production at our new Terry Towel facility. The plant has an installed capacity of 25,000 tons per annum. Rigorous processes, founded on deep research and development, is the cornerstone of Himatsingka’s approach, and builds transparency across all levels.

Our Collections

Sleep to dream...

Himeya seeks to refocus attention on matters that impact our well-being — reposeful slumber, an invigorating bath, and a space to recharge oneself. From concept to design, detail and finish, Creative Director Akanksha Himatsingka is committed to creating with care for individual and collective environments.

Made in India with universal appeal, each collection imbibes nuanced textures, earthy hues and patterns inspired by organic forms. Our process respects the purity and beauty of every fiber involved

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We believe in going the extra mile with sustainable measures and are forever evolving.Introducing our all-new eco-friendly packaging made with 100% natural-neutral cotton fabric embellished with our signature cotton bud. A perfect reuse-repurpose solution that is elegant and natural.

Our inserts too are made from 100% recycled FSC certified paper. While all our bags are meant for keeps, our semul pillows go the extra mile with repurposed packaging.