Our Bundle Beginnings

When you buy from Bedeck, you’re buying into family, heritage and trust. With over 70 years’ experience in home textile design we know all about that great sheet feeling. The new Bundles by Bedeck concept offers choice, quality and value for those seeking a relaxed approach to buying bedlinen all from the comfort of your home.

Introducing a curated collection of five bundle assortments each bundled with consideration. Whether you want the complete look or just the basics… we have it covered. Keeping it simple with perfectly plain bedding in a choice of eight contemporary colours, ideal for achieving that laid-back luxury look. The indulgent 500 thread count cotton sateen finish ensures quality whilst always maintaining an affordable price tag offering you a great deal more for considerably less.

The Altogether Dream

The Big Sleep

The Serene Slumber

The Long Lie-in

The Forty Winks

Available In 8 Colours

Upholding the same ethos throughout all our products, we endeavour to be inspirational in our approach to our suppliers and partners too. Bundles by Bedeck have been produced by one of our most trusted suppliers using inherited knowledge and techniques. Their strong ethical credentials always ensure they treat employees fairly and with kindness with stringent manufacturing processes set to minimise their environmental footprint.