Top tips for washing your bedding

27 Apr 2016 16:24:53

Top tips for washing your linens

Ensuring the longevity of your linens of course begins with the quality that you buy but how you look after them once they are home is equally important. Adhering to the guidelines given by the manufacturer is the most important aspect but in addition to this Bedeck have compiled a helpful three part guide that will help improve the quality and longevity of your linens over time.

This week we shall focus on six top tips for washing our linens.

  • Lemon juice has been used as a natural whitener for thousands of years.  A squeeze of lemon juice into your detergent will not only leave whites extra white but add a subtle freshness to your wash.
  • Remove any stains before putting them through the washer dryer to avoid them ‘cooking’ and becoming permanent. Individual manufacturers of stain removers will have their own directions for use that you should strictly adhere too.
  • Button buttons, turn decorative fabrics inside out and close zips before putting through the wash to prevent catching. Also, be careful what you wash together, for example washing a woollen blanket with a pair of jeans can result in the blanket catching on the jeans zip and subsequently damaging the blanket.
  • Consider the amount and type of detergent you use - If you find your linens are fading after a few washes more often than not this can be due to using too much, or too strong of a detergent.
  • Line drying bedlinen gives it a wonderful crisp finish but alas this isn’t always possible in the British and Irish climate. Making sure you take your sheets out of the tumble dryer immediately after the cycle will help keep them fresh. Also make sure the tumble dryer isn’t set to too hot a setting as fabrics can break at high temperatures – always consult the manufacturers instructions.
  • Ironing bedsheets is often viewed as a purely decorative pursuit, but this is not the case. Ironing helps to soften your fabrics over time, making them super soft as well as smooth to climb into at night.

Next week we will have top tips for storing and scenting your linens!

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