The Secret to a Perfect Nights Sleep...

19 Mar 2012 12:57:39

Ever wondered the secret to a good nights sleep? With most of us juggling busy work and personal lives, a perfect night’s sleep can make all the difference.

Bedeck commissioned a survey of 2,000 adults who claim to enjoy a wonderful sleep every night for the answer... The survey shows that what we do in the evening has an impact on the night ahead - with most people ensuring they have at least two hours ‘down time’ before hitting the sack.

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The average person will watch at least an hour and three quarters of television, opting for soap operas or comedy quiz shows. Although much of the night is spent watching television, the average person will also surf the net for 51 minutes and spend 41 minutes chatting with a partner or on the phone to family or friends.

Those who have mastered the art of getting a good night’s sleep will finish their evening meal an hour and 31 minutes before going to bed and have their final drink, usually a cup of tea at 9.10pm. The actual time we go to bed is important too, with most people ensuring they get a healthy eight or nine hours a night.

And when going to bed, we have another 20 minutes rest time before finally falling asleep at 10:26pm with more than a third of those surveyed opting to wear pyjamas.

Of course, there are many things you can change instantly to improve your nights sleep such as changing your pillow, the right pillow is essential for a good nights sleep and no two people have the same requirements when it comes to choosing a pillow. It all comes down to the softness and level of support you require. The different types available are as follows -

Feather & Down Pillows - These natural pillows give you more support, with more feathers giving you more support.

Polyester fibre based Pillows - The main advantage to these pillows is that they are non-allergenic. 

The same goes for choosing the correct duvet, whether you prefer a lightweight duvet or you need a non-allergenic material. Choosing the correct duvet can really enhance a good nights sleep!

Why not try these tips this evening in your home and see if you too can have the perfect night’s sleep, ready to bounce out of bed tomorrow morning!

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