New York State of Mind: Meet Echo

14 Apr 2016 14:04:53

In a New York State of Mind….

Our latest introduction to the Bedeck family comes exclusively from New York based designer ‘Echo’, a company who began life as a humble scarf business back in 1923 and evolved over the decades into America’s ‘best kept secret’ in fashion and interiors.

Founded by Theresa and Edgar C. Hyman, who’s initials lend themselves to the company’s name, on their wedding day in roaring 1920s New York. Echo immediately made a splash with creative and innovative designs leading to a business strong enough to survive the great depression and by the 1930s Echo was one of the earliest scarf companies to being importing.

During WWII Echo used their scarves to boost morale and provide instruction during crisis. Their ‘Air Raid Warning’ scarf, for example, featured directions to blackout curtains and ‘keep cool’ whilst retaining Echo’s effortless elegance in a patriotic navy, white and red cotton colour palette.

Echo’s story continued through the decades, with the introduction of psychedelic prints in the 1960s, hiring a female president in the 1970s, expanding to collaborate with top designers such as Ralph Lauren in the 1980s and introducing a home division in the 1990s. Now, Bedeck are pleased to say we have become the next step in this lineage by being the first UK based company to collaborate with and manufacture Echo bedlinen. Become part of the story by exploring the range

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Anna Carling