Introducing Clarissa Hulse

24 Feb 2016 09:06:48

Clarissa Hulse is a leading British Textile Designer, synonymous with luxurious home textiles.  Clarissa’s work has a clear emphasis on colour, a passion that underpins the handwriting of this sophisticated brand.

 S/S 16 sees the launch of the Bedeck/Hulse collaboration with the introduction of four stunning bed-linen designs; Boston Stripe Indigo, Boston Stripe Sulphur, Clover Stripe and Watercolour Patchwork.These four colour vibrant designs stay true to Clarissa’s signature style, with a nod to nature never too far away.  Known for botanical bursts, detailed fern and seed-heads the trademark feel of Clarissa’s work certainly comes through in these four distinctive beds.

The introduction of Clarissa Hulse to the Bedeck portfolio is a very exciting addition for S/S 16...

We catch up with Clarissa to discuss this latest collaboration...


How did the Clarissa Hulse brand first develop?

  • After graduating in Textile Design from Brighton Art College I started my own scarf business which expanded into clothes and other accessories. It was a successful venture and New York stores such as Barney’s and Takashimaya snapped up the hand-printed scarves. When the scarf market became stagnant, I turned my hand to home accessories, beginning with cushions. I have been in the business now for fifteen years and the brand has evolved to incorporate many more products such as bed linen, towels, lampshades and gift items.


Where do you find inspiration for new designs?

  • It’s easy to see from my designs that my biggest inspiration is nature. I love walking and I’m constantly looking around searching for inspiration, whether I’m in a local park in London or on trips to more exotics places such as South Africa or the Peloponnese Mountains in Greece. I get obsessed with photographing and documenting all the local flora which then become the basis for many of my designs.


Have you always been passionate about design?

  • Definitely! I can remember spending hours as a young child with a stack of paper and my felt tips, endlessly drawing patterns and pictures. I would love to be able to see those ‘designs’ now…


From the four new beds developed with us do you have a personal favourite?

  • I love the Watercolour Patchwork- it’s just so unique and special- but the first bed linen I’ve chosen for my bed at home is the Boston Ivy in Sulphur. I love the freshness of the white background contrasting with the splash of colour from the trailing vine design and reversible print.


Where did the design inspiration for the above bed come from?

  • I happened upon the foliage of Boston Ivy clinging to a house near my studio in Islington. It’s such a dramatically beautiful creeper, with glossy green leaves that turn bright crimson in autumn.


With strong colour fundamental to what you do, could you pinpoint a favourite?

  • It’s so hard to choose! I do gravitate towards pinks, oranges and reds. Perhaps that’s my fiery Greek nature showing through!


How would you sum up your home’s interior?

  • Maximalist and eclectic. Unsurprisingly I have used a lot of colour and am not afraid of cluttering the place with books and trinkets from my travels.


Is there a particular piece in your home you couldn’t live without?

  • Can I choose two? I’m in love with my absolutely extravagant Siberian goose down duvet- it’s just so warm and cosy. My other favourite thing is a large gilt mirror that my dad pulled out of a skip in the 70s- the glass is really tarnished but it still feels so grand and full of history.
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