Koselig: Bring the Norweigan Art of Cosiness to your home

23 Feb 2016 10:12:13

Winter may seem like a dull and uninspiring time with the dark and cold seeming to be in abundance everywhere. In the UK and Ireland we seem to do nothing between October and March but complain about the short days and cold weather, in Norway however, they embrace these months by indulging in ‘Koselig’ which roughly translates to the art of cosiness. Here are four ways to bring ‘Koselig’ to your home this winter.

Layer up with lots of cosy throws and cushions…

Nothing creates warmth and comfort like piles of cosy knitted throws and cushions to snuggle into on the chilly evenings.

Have a warm, scent filled bath then step into fluffy warm towels and dressing gowns…

A hot bath will not only rejuvenate you but also aid a more restful, deep sleep.

Hot Cocoa – Kitchen Linens & Mugs

A warming mug of cocoa, decaffinated tea or your hot beverage of choice is a great way to warm up your evening.

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Anna Carling