A Guide to Choosing Thread Counts

4 Jan 2016 15:01:23

Choosing the perfect bed linen is the first step in ensuring a great night’s sleep and luxurious bedroom interior. To ensure you make the right decision for your needs, Bedeck has compiled a handy guide to thread counts, weaves and bedding materials.


Thread Count

Simply put, thread count refers to how many threads are woven into each square inch of fabric. The standard thread count is around 150-thread count and good-quality sheets start at around 180-thread count. All Bedeck bedlinen carries a minimum of 180-thread count with most of our premium ranges, such as Murmur and Fable boasting up to 300-thread count. In addition to this, we stock the highest quality sheets in thread counts of up to 600.

Choosing your cotton

100% Cotton sheets are the healthiest options as well as the most comfortable. Cotton naturally absorbs the body’s moisture, allowing your skin to breathe during the night and for your temperature to be more effectively regulated. Also, Cotton is hypoallergenic so will not result in any reactions that your body may encounter when faced with a man-made material such as polyester. Pima cotton is made with a fine, long-staple cotton resulting in an extremely soft weave.

Egyptian cotton is made from the finest cotton resulting the utmost in luxury and softness. The finer threads allow for the highest thread count available.

Polycotton is a combination of polyester and cotton which makes for a durable, lightweight and easily maintained fabric. It has the moisture absorbing properties of cotton as well as the easy/non-iron properties of polyester.

Percale, Sateen, & Jaquard weaves

The way a fabric is woven has an impact on the overall finish.

Percale is a fabric woven in a criss-cross fashion, with the warp (the vertical threads) crossing the weft (the horizontal threads) an equal amount of times. A warp beam is set up with threads at the back of the machine and a "shuttle" passes through this "row" of yarns going left to right, right to left alternately with the weft threads, creating the fabric's weave. The tightly woven threads result in a fine texture and finish.

Sateen is a fabric woven by interweaving the weft (the horizontal threads) with filling threads, resulting in a higher thread count and an extremely soft and smooth fabric. Shuttleless and air jet looms are now used for the insertion of weft in these finer fabrics for an even more luxurious result.

We ensure that all our linen is not only luxurious but will look like new for a long, long time. Our specialists have stringent tests for light and colour-fastness, strength and resistance to pilling.

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