Q&A: Fable Head of Design, Julie Hall

14 May 2015 15:31:31

If you love elegant interiors and classic styles, then look no further than our new brand, Fable. This exquisite bed linen collection features hand-painted designs and timeless quality that will give a touch of everyday luxury to your bedroom. We caught up with Head of Design, Julie Hall, to give us an insightful look into the making of Fable.

What sets Fable apart from other bed linen brands?
Fable is quiet and understated … most brands have a louder voice and make more of a “statement”. Its subtlety and beautiful attention to detail sets it apart.

What was the main inspiration behind the brand?
We wanted to create beautiful bed linen designs that were easy to live with, individual, harmonious, but different to what was in the market. I’ve always loved vintage textiles so we looked to French and Japanese archives for inspiration. These ideas were further developed by the design team and the artwork is all hand-painted in the Fable design studio, giving it an authentic feel.

You’ve worked on this project from the initial concept to final product – did it go through a lot of change or were you clear on where you wanted Fable to be from the start?
We had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted, but there always shifts and changes – the biggest being the designs became more simplified in content and colour – designs that were multi-coloured became softer and more tonal. As a result the look also became softer, more feminine and sophisticated.

How do you decide what colour palettes to use, is it trend led?
We didn’t look at trends at all but thought about colours and tones that would be harmonious and relaxing to live with especially in the bedroom. We wanted tranquil, soft palettes that would sit quietly and easily within a colour range i.e. amethyst / silvers, aqua / naturals etc.

What do you feel is most important to consider when designing the range?
I think it is important keep developing the range each season – therefore we look to various sources of inspiration each season visiting museums and vintage markets. It is vital to the brand integrity to keep our in-house painting that is the handwriting of the brand.

Do you have a favourite piece from the range, and why?
I personally love the Lantilly print – as a design it is beautifully balanced and a stunning shade of blue.

What’s in store for Fable in the next few seasons?
We have just finished designing our AW15 collection which was inspired by the Pearl exhibition at the V&A. It’s based on a palette of soft white, ivory and very pale neutrals. It is the ultimate in sophistication and luxury. S/S16 inspiration is looking to Persia – beautiful detailed prints are currently being painted!

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Paul Nesbitt