What does Tog mean? - A Bedeck Guide

25 May 2012 12:08:25 | Posted in Luxury Bedding News By Bedeck

SPRING HAS WELL AND TRULY SPRUNG! The season of long and cold nights is over us. So, for many it's about time to think about changing that heavy duvet for something a bit lighter... 



This can be a confusing task when you don't know  exactly what 'TOG' means. There are alot of misconceptions about 
TOG but hopefully our explanation below will make it alot clearer for you!

     TOG TIP

     " The tog of a duvet indicates a duvets warmth level and is not 
       an indicator of weight quality or value for money"    


Have a look at the table below to see how TOG ratings are split into seasons -

Most people expect a higher Tog rating to then represent a larger and thicker duvet. This is not the case, as the Tog 
rating is based mainly on the duvets capacity to trap warm air. This varies from duvet to duvet depending on the material 
used as fill. 

Natural fillings have better thermal properties than those of a synthetic duvet, therefore they will be just as warm but 
perhaps won't be as bulky.

So all you really need to remember is this - TOG = WARMTH

  4.5 Tog

   A lightweight duvet for use in the Summer.

  9.0 - 10.5 Tog               

   For use in the Spring/Autumn.

  13.5 Tog

   For use in the Autumn/Winter. This duvet is for those that require a warm duvet.                    








  Bedeck White Goose Feather & Down duvet    
  TOG AVAILABLE: 10.5 | 13.5
   TOG AVAILABLE: 4.5 | 10.5 | 13.5





Our Luxury 230 thread count white Goose feather and down duvet has a 100% cotton cover and is made up of 90% goose feather with 10% goose down.
The deep baffle wall pocket construction also gives 
extra loft & support.


This 100% microfibre duvet has a 230 thread count cotton percale cover and is finished with a piped edging. It has a pocket construction with an internal baffle wall to keep the filling evenly distributed throughout. 

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