Blissful Bedding: How to Create Hotel Luxury in your bedroom

28 Jan 2016 14:12:59

A great quality mattress is the first place to start but equally important for comfort are a high quality mattress protector, duvet and pillows. A mattress protector not only extends the life of your mattress by protecting it but enhances your sleep experience by adding a plush cushioning layer which has been likened to ‘sleeping on a pillow’. A feather duvet is the last word in a luxurious sleep routine but there are excellent microfibre alternatives whose extra fine synthetic fibres that feel and perform like down. Finally our range of pillows caters for every preference from soft and feather-filled Siberian Down to Memory foam pillows which mould to your head and neck for the utmost support. For more information please refer to our buying guide.  

The Sheets

Hotel luxury is encapsulated in high quality bed linen, namely sheets with a high thread count. Traditionally, crisp white sheets are favoured for an authentic ‘Hotel’ look with throws and cushions adding colour and texture. Many modern and boutique hotels are starting to favour more colourful sheets nowadays however and this is reflected in the varying designs offered by our hotel collections. So long as the sheets are of the highest quality, the style and colour are completely down to personal preference.


Hotels are meticulously designed and your room should be no different. It isn’t necessary to have a completely matching suite of furniture; in fact mixing up different pieces can give your interior a rustic and bespoke look, but it is important to ensure your furniture compliments each other. Again, matching curtains and bed linens can look very smart, it is not essential to giving your bedroom a five star feel. Just ensure the colourways and textures are complimentary of each other and work together to give your bedroom a rich and sumptuous feel.

Layer & Embellish

Finally, what makes a boutique hotel remarkable is its intention to detail. Find a focal art piece, perhaps a unique piece picked up on your travels or a classic print you’ve always loved. Equally a beautifully framed picture of your family is a lovely way to embellish your room and add a personal touch. Finally, scented candles, fresh flowers, plush rugs  and decorative touches such as woven baskets or ornamental vases and figurines bring a dimension of opulence.

Chocolates on the pillow? Optional. 

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Anna Carling