Achieve the Fable Look...

21 Apr 2016 12:41:08

Achieve the Fable look at home...


The Fable look is timeless and elegant, bringing glamour in a relaxed fashion to the bedroom.  The complete collection is a harmonious blend of hand painted pattern and textures in luxuriously high thread counts.  The supporting photography showcases the Fable ethos beautifully and we thought it valuable to show our customers how easy it is to achieve the Fable look at home with a few key pointers!

Going to sleep in a luxurious hotel feel bedroom every night of the week really is achievable!

Sham All The Way!

Layering up with shams (Merle or plain dye options from Fable available) really gives the head of your bed great stature.  It should be the starting point from which you build the rest around.


Plumping is Key

Nobody wants flat, lifeless inners, be it cushions, duvet or pillows.  Give your duvet a good shake as your make up your bed in the morning, plumping your cushions as you go also.  This will give your bed plenty of life about it... ensuring that freshly made up look every day!


Feather is Best!

To help support extra plumpness choose feather inners, those evenly distributed feathers in the duvet pockets give a plump even look... plus it feels much like sleeping on a cloud!

Turn Back The Covers

I like to think of this one as a bit of a tease.  Making up your bed and then folding back the sheets for added interest always makes me want to jump back in... but it’s a nice touch (especially with print details on the reverse) and there is always bedtime to look forward to!


Sheets Fit For Royalty

Matching plain dye or patterned fitted sheets in high quality 250TC ensures ‘turning in’ a daily highlight.  Smooth and comfortable and as the above point suggests turning back the covers will reveal the sheets printed features.... with Fable it really is all in the detail!


No Smoothing is Criminal

We may be stating the obvious here but that little niggle not to iron should be banished.  You owe it to yourself to iron within an inch of your life. Once the bed is made up in all its splendour you really will stand back and delight at your efforts!


Each Fable bed has a wealth of matching accessories that all link beautifully with the main bed design.   On a budget?  Choose a corresponding cushion to cosy up the look.

And Accessorize Some More...

If you can afford to go all out and shop the entire look the end result will be so luxurious.  Quilted or knitted throws, embroidered or quilted cushion options.... the complete look allows you to layer up with feminine finishing touches that really pull the chic look together. 

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